Website Creation

Your website is the first impression of your business. Therefore, it has to represent what your business is about. Besides that, your website has to be engaging. Our main goal is to shape all your business aspects into an interactive design.
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Ecommerce Website

We understand the importance of utilizing the latest technology to build a robust eCommerce website. We provide and guarantee an online platform that sells your products with a clear catalogue and of course a server that always secured. Our eCommerce solutions offer a real time transaction online website with the best features, while remaining customizable. As a result, this facilitates the increase of your business’ selling. 

Business Website

To expand your marketing strategies and grow your business, a compatible website is a necessity. We work to present a clear and polished looking website that convince people to engage with your business. In the end, a highly converting website is the primary tool to make your business succeeding.

web design business website kiebrothers
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Landing Page

A landing page is needed to guide web visitors right to one direct purpose of what your company offers. Our task here is to build and design landing page that would catch visitors attention and leads customers to take action right away. We try to boost your conversion rate by handling all of this building process from scratch until it is finished.

Design & Development

Having a fast, optimized, accessible website creates an enjoyable experience and helps improve rankings in Search Engines. Our digital designers and developers work hand in hand to create a remarkable website.

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Static Website

A website is a reflection of a brand. To build a robust website, we use the HTML and CSS coding. More than just designing and building, we also meet you to do research and understand the website’s intended audience.

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CMS Website

We provide a website that keeps interacting with the web visitor. To create the dynamic website, we use various language code and one of them is by building it using WordPress. This leads to a fresh and updated impression people can get.

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Web Maintenance

Your website security is our main concern. We provide a server host website, security maintenance and a back up to keep your website safe. Not only that, we also guarantee that the website is online for 24/7 time.

How We Make a Website

Create smart UX/UI design for your website in order to ease audiences when using them. Appealing website appearance is not enough, there should be a smart operation within it. Both UX/UI are essential and need to be well made in balance.

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Product Structure

Visible parts of our UX/UI design making starts when we first get in touch with you. At product structure, we would have meetings for brainstorming. We dig information as much as we can. Eagerly, we try to find all details such as your desires, barriers, deadlines, preferences, etc.

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User Flow

At Userflow stage, we explain to you in detail about web navigation, hierarchies, and categorizations of the website. This will contain a graphic that shows you the flow from landing page, then if you click specific menu, where would you be in the next page. Overall, this process aims to give you clear navigation of the website.

ui ux design wireframing kiebrothers


Wireframing is the next stage where we give you a visual guide to a website which helps you to look at the layout of the project. This will allow you to understand how the website would look and work when it’s finished.


Prototyping is where we do a scaled down version of the product which aims to reveal any problems with the current design. This process allows our designers and developers to test the practicability of the current design, to see how users behave with the prototype, reveal new solutions to problems, and to find out whether or not the implemented solutions have been successful.

web design prototyping kiebrothers
ui ux design implementation kiebrothers


Implementation is the final stage where our team will hand over the final result. Here, we explain in detail how to apply the UX/UI in final form. As we want to make sure you understand completely, we will work closely with you until you can successfully implement the UX/UI to your website.

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American Express

Krisflyer Singapore Airlines collaborated with American Express to create a credit card which offers its users a lot of benefits. As they wanted to popularize the offers and increase card members, they reach us for solutions.

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