The following Terms and Conditions govern all services offered by www.kiebrothers.com. By accessing, browsing, and using the Site and its services, you accept, without limitation or qualification, these TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Please read these Terms of Service carefully and completely prior to engaging us for services.

The standard turnaround time for a project would be depending on how long the working process takes time. Each additional feature associated with the same project takes some days, depending on the complexity, type and specifications of the project. The work progress would be given to you in detail timeline, which will be delivered to clients when the project is finished.

The delivery timeline takes effect at the time that;
• Payment has been made for the order
• The order details have been accepted and agreed upon by the parties.

Delivery adjustments for bulk projects are available and provided on a per-project basis. Please also make sure that all content and image files are included in your project information provided to us. Please note that we start work on the project only after all details are clear between the client and the project manager.

We offer our design services at competitive prices. Please request our current rates for various packages and special offers at our website. Discounts for bulk projects are available and provided on a per-project basis.

The Terms and Conditions contain our intellectual property policies, our content policies and general use policies. We reserve the right to refuse to work on any project, without the need for providing justification. We will not provide services for any project or potential client for content which is offensive, illegal, or which contains illicit or infringing material. Accordingly, the use of hateful, offensive, profane, racist, sexist, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate conduct or language on the site is not permitted. Please note that KieBrothers is not responsible for any third party claims of copyright infringement for the materials (such as designs, fonts, stock photography, etc.) used in the design which are provided by the client. Accordingly, the client shall indemnify KieBrothers, its affiliates, subsidiaries and related companies harmless from any losses, claims, obligations or other liabilities related to or arising out of the foregoing.
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We offer our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we strive for excellence on each and every order. We provide support for correcting any errors within seven (7) business days after the completion of your project. Additional revisions can be arranged on a per-project basis by contacting us.
A refund may be issued upon the confirmation of both parties, and upon the clearance of all details related to the refund. Refunds are issued within five (5) business days of the request for refund. No refund is issued if the request for the refund was received after the files are delivered to the customer, or after the installation of the product on the customer’s server.
A full refund will be considered based on the following reasons:

  • The client’s order cannot be completed;
  • The client’s request to cancel the order is received before the development is started;

You will NOT be eligible for a refund if the project has been delivered on time and if the final project meets our quality standards. Any negligence or mistakes by 3rd parties or by the client itself when sending original files or using the final materials will not be a cause of refund.

Time of payments will be charged on depending on the deal agreed upon by both parties. All details regarding the project will be recorded in Invoice based on the deal. Refunds are provided under certain circumstances, as set forth in paragraph 5 of this Terms of Service Agreement. By confirming the order, timeline, and details set forth by the team’s confirmation email, the client agrees to pay us the agreed-upon amount for our services.