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Digital Marketing

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Marise is a fashion company was founded by Mr. Morris Biberkraut in 1978 focusing on the lifestyle of today’s woman.Marise has been established as the forefront in the fashion with collections that are available through Canadian vendors.


Ecommerce is vital nowadays and Marise, which came from offline commerce realized it. We work together with ClikBoutik and try to boost their sales into bigger scale through ecommerce and digital marketing.


By partnering with Marise, we create a regular email marketing campaign by providing a visual content to inform their customer about the latest product and their promotion. We help to make all updates clear to their customers.

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Facebook Ads

Not only creating their email marketing campaigns, we also make an appealing Facebook advertisement for Marise to reach more and more of their customers.

“Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.”

Bonnie Sainsbury

Website Updates

We build a modern web design with simplicity and modern elements which really boost up the selling points of Marise. We create a modern customer service through email newsletter where we notify the customers right to their email about the newest products or promo.Besides that, we also help them build a website that makes their customer is easier to know what are latest updates of the products.

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More Projects

more project lele kiebrothers


Providing authentic marketplace for watches enthusiast makes LELE be the main targets for many classy people.

more projects american express kiebrothers

American Express

Krisflyer Singapore Airlines collaborated with American Express to create a credit card which offers its users a lot of benefits.

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