Providing authentic marketplace for watches enthusiasts



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App Development

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Providing authentic marketplace for watches enthusiast makes LELE be the main targets for many classy people. As their business is growing rapidly, they want to gain business revenue by selling products through application.


We collaborated with Senja Solution in making the application where our biggest part was on UX/UI design.  

Flawless Userflow

In the making process, we created a flawless and clear userflow that can ease every user when they interact with the application. This aims to avoid confusion or inconvenience that might occur on users.


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“Authenticity is memorable. Authenticity is attractive. authenticity soars.”

Lauren Hug

Trusted Application

It started when LELE needed to ensure customers regarding the authenticity of the brands. They trusted us for not just making a good application, but also a credible application which could convince audiences that the products are truly authentic.
As a solution, our team added authentication process built in the application that ensures every user to get authentic watches.

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