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Founded in 2015, Kkomawo set itself out to be a leading Indonesian retailer that sells high quality Korean goods specialized for mothers and young children.


Kkomawo started out by using social media platform: Instagram,
utilizing social media influencers to advertise their business.

We built a strong brand personality and grow Kkomawo community of brand enthusiasts. We design Instagram feed/story to educate Kkomawo customers on the details of the product before selling them.

With 50,000 followers and growing followers on Instagram, Kkomawo able to do business solely from this social media platform. Selling unique and distinct products resulted in loyal customers who keep on coming back and waited for Kkomawo to post products they are selling.

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.”

David Alston

Let Your Customers Know About Your Business



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Nyland Pasteur is a contemporary design hotel with three-star facilities and services. Designed to make vacations for business and leisure travelers easier.


Social media can aid businesses in many ways. One of them is to increase brand awareness. For Nyland Pasteur, brand awareness is all about becoming relevant to their potential buyers.

We help this by posting content regularly that relate and answers the questions customers are asking. That content includes photography, graphics, and relevant review.

We also show the customers who Nyland Pasteur is by posting photos of employees, hospitality activity, and company events. This will help build a connection with their customers.

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LAD Global

LAD Global is an online global platform which focuses on work-centric contents and facilitates learning for professionals to grow into global enterprise.

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Marise is a fashion company was founded by Mr. Morris Biberkraut in 1978 focusing on the lifestyle of today’s woman.

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