Branding is more than just a logo design, a good branding increases the value of a company, make clarity of your business, and generates new customers. This is the prominent way to let people know your business DNA.

Brand Identity

Brands are everywhere. At Kiebrothers, our talented team of designers and illustrators start with the core of your ideas and craft a unique experience around it, using simplicity and timeless design principles to create a distinct brand identity.

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The sky is your limit, reach more and more consumers through an appealing and modern logo design that can be easily noticeable for people. The easier they notice your business, the easier they can reach out to you and win new business. We can design logo interactively or improve your existing logo while still following the core value of your company.


As a company, it is necessary to have visual characteristic that represents yourself. We help you choose the best color palette combination which can personify your company and let people know your business through a distinct color within the brand.

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Be consistent is a crucial aspect to create a good branding. Typography consistency is very important across different communication channels, establishing a sense of empathy between a brand and its audience over time.


Imagine how excellent it is when your company has a well-formed branded stationery. From head letters, business card, company’s agenda, and more. It aims to make your product well presented in real form of company’s toolkit. Our designers and illustrators can help you make the proper and excellent stationery.

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Brand Guideline

In the end, it’s all yours. We create a Brand Guideline for your brand through an e-book guideline that you and your team can visually read. Inside it, we set up logo specification and guidelines that give detail provision on how to apply the typography, color, iconography, and image style. This will ensure that anyone can apply your brand assets correctly and consistently.

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Clash Royale Kingdom

Clash Royale Kingdom is a community website for Clash Royale. This is the place where Clash Royale fans gather and sharing ideas together in this game. Designed in an appealing user interface which could gain community’s interest and engage more Clash Royale fans to join the community.