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Krisflyer Singapore Airlines collaborated with American Express to create a credit card which offers its users a lot of benefits. As they wanted to popularize the offers and increase card members, they reach us for solutions.


We worked together with Zynesis company to do the project and came up with a solution. We created a fully functional website and designed it with an intuitive interface. This aimed to engage more viewers to join as a member.

case study american express web ui kiebrothers
case study american express web screen kiebrothers

Converting Webpage

In addition, the website was made in highly converting purpose, as we added certain columns for important information such as miles calculator, new promo, and “Apply Now” button. This was the part where we increased potential users to register as new card members.

“A website without conversion rate optimization is like a car with no wheels – it will take you nowhere.”

Jeremy Abel, the chief strategist at rDialogue
case study american express web icon kiebrothers

Accessible, Informative, and Full of Offers

Make the audiences being up-to-date is an important thing to keep them stay connected with you. Let them easily access your website through a landing page.

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